Our Services

We offer a variety of massage techniques that can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Pricing for massage depends on the length of the session. 30 minute sessions are $50.00, 60 minute sessions are $90.00, and 90 minute sessions are $125.00.

Myofascial release is $115/session and generally lasts about an hour. Please call before coming to your MFR treatment for special instructions.

Myofascial Release Therapy

The fascial system is the only total body system and affects everything within the body. Picture the fascial system as a spider web, if you pull on one strand, you ... More >

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue uses pressure and leverage to release muscle tension and other soft tissue restrictions by direct interaction. Pressure is applied to the entire length ... More >

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy uses pressure that is applied to specific points of conjestion on a muscle in order to alleviate the tension and dysfunction. Trigger point th... More >

Swedish Massage

Swedish involves long connective strokes across the body. A lighter touch is used with swedish and is aimed at stimulating the skin, superficial muscles and blood v... More >

Sports Massage

Sports massage is used before, during, and/or after an athletic event in order to prepare athletes for peak performance or to cool down the muscles. The pace and ... More >

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