Benefits of Massage...

Massage is sometimes considered to be a luxury or an "extra," but it's so much more than that. Massage therapy can help people to live healthier and more pain-free lives.

Massage benefits its recipient by releasing tension in muscles, increasing circulation, increasing metabolism, decreasing blood pressure, stimulating the nervous system, etc.

There are lots of people with common and not so common aches and pains that think they just have to live with these constant nagging problems.

Many people don't understand that there are simple little fixes for many of the physical ailments that plague them day to day. They feel they must be in pain when they don't have to be! It's incredible to see how much happier people are after they get off the table!

Do I Need Massage?

Do you have neck pain that has been bugging you lately, or maybe RLS that has been keeping you up at night?  

Are there headaches that just keep coming back, or shoulder pain that prevents you from playing your favorite sport?

All of these can be decreased in frequency and intensity through massage therapy.

We've seen people with these problems and more, and all have been helped through massage therapy.

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